Freehold Form

Freehold Form

Freehold, a form of tenure of property. Originally a tenure which required a tenant to render only such services and obligations as were worthy of a freeman. In time many of these obligations either wholly disappeared or became unimportant. Today a freeholder is the absolute owner of his property and may do what he likes with it by development, sale, transfer or the creation of lesser interests in it, subject only to the law of the land and to the rights of others. These modifications may be far-reaching in practice.

As investments, freehold interests in real property are like ordinary shares in tending to reflect general price movements due to inflation or deflation. Where they are sold subject to unexpired leases at fixed rents which no longer reflect current market rents for similar properties, the price and thus the yield of freehold investments will tend to reflect the fixed rents. Because also of management expenses, the average yield on freehold investments tends to be higher than that on ordinary shares in times of inflation.

Freight, strictly the payment for transporting cargoes at sea; loosely applied to the goods themselves.

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