Corporate State A

Corporate State A

Corporate State, a system, similar to guild socialism, in which the major segments of the national economy are grouped in a single 'corporation' with extensive powers over cost, price and output. The corporations are in theory autonomous but in the corporate states' of Italy, Portugal and elsewhere have been themselves subject to the power of the state, winch is in turn organized as a single, closed corporation.

In principle the corporations contain representatives of employers, employees and consumers, while the state corporation is an oligarchy of picked men ruling in theory in the best interests of the nation but in practice usually forming a party organization with autocratic power.

The notion of the corporate state figured prominently in fascist theory. It was the logical outgrowth of an ideology that opposed both communism and liberalism; it did not involve state control of the economy as a means to economic progress and social change, as in Leninism; on the other hand individualism was as contemptible as Marxism to Fascists since it allowed men to pursue economic gain instead of the holy or heroic selfhood that could be attained in serving the national cause; so there was no room for the freely functioning market economy or for private enterprise as a form of economic organization.

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